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About the project

Web studio 009 continues to implement the national information project inform.city. We offer you the third site of the odesa.inform.city project.

The next step-lviv.inform.city.

Wikipedia about Odesa

Odesa (Ukrainian Odesa) is a city in the Northern Black Sea region in the south of Ukraine. The administrative center of the Odesa region and the main naval base of the Ukrainian navy. Hero City.

The third most populous city in the country. The population of the city as of January 1, 2019 was 995,496 permanent residents and 1,013,159 people of the current population. More than 1.2 million people live within the agglomeration. The ethnic composition of the population: 61.7% of ukrainians, 29.0% of russians, 1.3% of bulgarians, 1.2% of jews (2001). Located on the shores of the Odesa Gulf of the Black Sea.

The largest sea trade port in Ukraine. Trade, metalworking, oil refining, mechanical engineering, production of medicines and food products are developed. Sanatorium treatment and beach holidays, cruise tourism. Large scientific and educational center.

The historical center is included in the preliminary list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The ensemble of Primorsky Boulevard, Duke de Richelieu Square and Potemkin Stairs.

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